Friday, January 22, 2010

Box Pencil Case Pattern

This is actually a small pouch pattern that I resized big enough to hold my pencils. I used an old pants of mine to make this pencil case.
The pattern is from a Japanese sewing book, ‘Lady Boutique’ where all the instructions are in Japanese. For an amateur sewer who doesn’t understand a word of Japanese like I do, this pattern is easy to follow. Thanks to the excellent step by step drawings given, you can sew this pencil case in a whip.

If you want to make the small pouch, you can follow the step by step drawing patterns straight away. Do add 1 cm seam allowances to the pattern. All the measurements are in cm.

The box pencil case that I made is 8” long & 3.5” high. If you would like to make one, you will need:
• One piece of exterior fabric measuring 9” by 8” (including ½ “ seam allowances)
• One piece of interior fabric measuring 9” by 7”
• One 8” zipper

Step by step box pencil case/ small pouch pattern

1. Cut the fabric according to the given measurement.
2. Layer the two fabric pieces. Exterior fabric right side down and interior fabric right side up. The interior fabric is 1” shorter, so lay it in the middle of the exterior fabric.

3. Fold the edges of exterior fabric under 1/2” and press.
4. Place the zipper under the folded edges and sew together. (refer the diagram)
5. Turn the fabric interior side out and fold the corners as shown in the diagram.

6. Sew along the corner of both sides.
7. Cover the corners with bias tape & sew to finish.

Yippee..! Now you have a brand new pencil case.


  1. I'm sorry but this pattern came out far too small for a decent pencil. It could fit something of 6 inches, not longer.

    Maybe I should have added seam allowance to my fabric, but even after triple checking "including seam allowance" still meant I didn't have to add any because they were included in the given measurements.


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