Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Repurpose Long Sleeve Into A Bag (Part 3)

Introducing the new Moose bag.

Making this bag was really an adventure. It's my 1st time encounter on boxy/ travelers type bag. Honestly it's not that easy to sew. I broke 1 needle and my pin cushion is now adorned with misshapen pins :o Every single piece had to be slip stitched together before sewing it on the sewing machine. I only added thick interfacing to the gusset. Maybe next time I'm gonna add batting & thick interfacing to the front part too to make it more sturdy. Yes, I'm gonna make more of this type of bag. I'm embracing my fears....:P

When it's done I feel like I've accomplished something. I"VE MADE IT! Yeay :)
Here's some more pics of the bag...

I hope this little project of mine can inspire you people out there to repurpose, reuse & recycle. Just to show that you can make something beautiful & useful out of something that might end up in the dump site.

Have a nice day :)


  1. hai bea,

    your moose bag is a wow!. what else can i say, really neat and look like store bought. really inspire me, as a newbie in this field. btw, may i know the measurement of this bag? any tips like do and donts, perhaps.... lets reuse and repurpose peeps.

  2. truly wonderful..!!! i'm vibrating with excitement.. hahahaha the boxy shape is perfect, the curves are neat, the MOOSE is so grand and beautiful!!!

    I'd add an adjustable sling for the next one.. and maybe make it removable..

    all in all, a successful and very cool repurpose project!! well done!!

  3. Thanks Zana :)
    I've made a tute on the bag. Let me know if you make one.

  4. Sue,
    Thanks for the compliment. If you look up close, it's not that grand la..somehow ada laa jerawat jugak :)
    I thought of adding the sling but then at that time I don't have any D-ring & slider.

  5. Bea..
    aarghh... again this bag.interrupt my feelin'.I luv it..I luv it...really cantik...

  6. Thanks SCLover :)
    luv your bags too


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