Friday, January 15, 2010

When chicken clucks

Chicken clucks loudly to announce the laying of an egg. Today I’m clucking like a mad chicken announcing the birth of my craft blog. Welcome to Needle Field!
I’ll be ‘hatching’ some sewing & crafting work of mine to share with you crafters out there. Do have a look around. Any feedback & comments are welcomed.

Do you fancy my chicken?
I made the papier mache ‘conical chicken’ in 2005 based on a tutorial by Pat Little in the Papier Mache Resource website. Her tutorial is very easy to follow even for a beginner. Link to tutorial.

In the spirit of recycling, I just used whatever material that I’ve got at that time. My chicken is coated with leftover wall primer, painted with water colour & sealed with clear lacquer spray. This chicken makes a cool paper weight and is light enough to be perched on twigs. However it is not suitable for outdoor display.

Thanks for stopping by.

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