Friday, January 22, 2010

Bettie Doll

Originally rag dolls were made and stuffed with scraps of materials. Today version of rag dolls is more colourful, cheerful and lightweight.

Meet Miss Bettie, one of my experimental dolls. This doll measures approximately 11" tall from head to toe.I just roughly sketched the doll pattern. For the face, I used canvas so I can easily paint them with fabric paint

I made the body out of some cotton fabric scraps. Sew the parts all together and stuff it with poly fill.

The tricky part would be painting the face. Would you like your doll to look happy or grumpy? Whatever the facial expression that you choose to draw will create the character of your doll. To avoid mistakes, I draw the eyes and mouth lightly with pencil before painting it. The hair is hand painted so I can make whatever hair style that I like.

This is one happy doll...happy Bettie :)

If you want to make your own rag doll, here's a free doll pattern from 
 Thanks for stopping by and have a happy weekend.



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