Friday, April 23, 2010


It's been a month since  my last post. I caught the 'lazy to blog bug' but I'm still crafting as usual. I've been too lazy to even surf the web for a month! Now that the lazy bug is gone, I got so many blogs & emails to read.
:) It's so easy to blame on the bugs.

Yesterday was Earth Day so happy Earth Day everyone!
I made the Queen of Heart doll using bed sheet scraps, cotton fabric & felts. The hair, face and heart shape was painted using fabric paint. This doll measures about 10" tall. I made another set of the doll cut outs to make the king & still haven't sew it together....another pending work of mine :P

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog & I really appreciate all of your comments . It fells great to share ideas with others alike.

Have a nice weekend & happy crafting!

Beware of the lazy bug. *0*


  1. nice to see you back and that lil queen is adorable! i caught that lazy bug too...more like worry bug made me lazy somehow... :)

  2. Thanks Zura :) sad I missed your giveaway. My mom & sis have some Butterick & McCall's patterns too. I never sew anything wearable, so maybe someday I'll try & make one.


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