Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Bead It!

Remember the smocking that I did on my clutch? I made it last February and left it unfinished in my sewing bag. I thought of adding some embroidery work to the smocking but later decided to sew beads on each corner of the squares.

I only add beads on the smocked area. The smocking alone makes the design looks empty, so adding the beads or sewing some embroidery work would be necessary. Now I have to sew all the parts together to make a clutch before it rots in my sewing bag! Haha...

I'll post the finished work later. :)

Learn how to make this type of smocking here


  1. Have never smocked before.. looking at your piece makes me want to try my hand at smocking as well.. :D Can't wait to see the smocked clutch though..(hope you'll finish them soon..)

  2. This type of smocking is not that hard Sue.I'm still a beginner at smocking & there is still a lot to learn. Looking at the stitching pattern sometimes makes me dizzy :)
    I've sewn the clutch.I'll be posting the picture soon.


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