Friday, October 1, 2010

Wallets & Purse

If you have a hole in your pocket, it is wise to mend it right away or you'll end up like Jenny losing her bright new twenty pence. That's Jenny from 'A Hole In Her Pocket' story not Jenny from the block! :D

I still keep some of my childhood books for inspiration and  this coin purse suddenly reminded me of this book by Enid Blyton. I really like the simplicity of black and white illustrations. My all time favourite is works by Lewis Carroll. 

This coin purse has three inside pockets and a button & loop closure. The finished size is 4 1/2" (w) X 3" (h). Makes a great card holder too.

This tri-fold wallet is pretty much the same as the wallet that I made before. I added magnetic snap button to the flap. The finished size is 5" X 4 3/4" (when folded).

I made a few changes to the pattern, less card slots and a zippered coin pocket. All cotton fabrics by Ikea.

This bi-fold wallet was made using my own pattern. It measures about 6" (w) X 4" (h). Magnetic snap button for the closure. If I enlarge the size, it would be a nice clutch.

The inside looks like full width pocket at the back, two card slots, another pocket & a zippered pocket for coins. I use felt for the back pocket & it stretches a bit...need to use a thicker felt next time. Overall I'm satisfied with the finished look.

My favourite part would be the back side of this wallet. Somehow my brain interpret the image into this.....................

Have a MOOO-VELLOUS weekend everyone :D


  1. cantiknya coin purse tu.. cute mute.. :)
    moo pun cute jugak.. :D

  2. Thanks mamadaniel. Cik moo pon dan prasan cute & kirim salam :D


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