Monday, December 6, 2010

Bird Pouch

Wonder what they're chirping about?.....:)
I would freak out if I hear a sound coming from something that I sew. Well, just imagine if your work piece can speak, they would have been your toughest critic!

OK,enough chirping. I made two of this bird pouch using Ikea fabrics. Instead of just black & white, I sew a felt bird applique on one side of the pouch.
The pouch measures approximately 9"(w) X 6"(h) X 3"(d). The handle is 4 1/2" long. This pouch is big enough to hold lots of stationery.

Then I sew another pouch using some fabric scraps.

The shape reminds me of petunia, so I named it 'petunia pouch'. It's small & cute with enough space to stash hand phone, small wallet or pencils.
Finished size: 10"(w) X 5 1/2"(h). Zipper opening: 6"

Till then, happy sewing!
Hope you enjoy whatever you're doing.

Your imperfections make you human. Imperfection should never define you. It's how you handle them that defines who you are.

1 comment:

  1. chip..chip..chip... (means.. burung tu cute giler...) hehe..

    suka pouch petunia tu.. geram! tapi aritu try jahit pouch yang ada 2 parts ni macam seksa la.. haha.. (my case only..) haha..


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