Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little Something........

Here's a little something for the kids at the orphanage. I managed to sew four tote bags for the 'Back to School Charity Project' organized by Pondok Craft. The simple tote design is based on a pattern that I made in 2007 & it is big enough for a tuition bag (means I forgot to measure the finished size :P ).
The bundle of totes was posted on Thursday & I just hope that it arrives on time before the deadline.
I hope this little gift from me would put smiles on the children's faces.

A girly tote :)

I thought this navy gingham & yellow patches tote looks too plain, so I sew a cute bunny charm to adorn the bag.

I lengthen the height of the tote pattern to make the large tote.

Here's the cute bunny charm. I got the idea while sewing these totes. So one lucky gal is gonna get my 1st bunny charm & I hope she likes it.

A special thanks to kak Ayu for organizing this charity project. I'm sure a little something from everyone of us crafters would make a huge bundle of joy for the childrens at the orphanage.

Have a nice weekend!


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