Monday, February 14, 2011

Bunny Plush Doll

Here's a bunny plushie I made recently using my own pattern. Just a simple sketch based on what's in my head and my fingers would start eyeballing the cutouts for the body parts. I use muslin and cotton fabrics to make the doll. Bunny is totally hand sewn.

The bunny parts.
Head, legs & hands are sewn separately and stuffed with poly-fill. It took me some time to think on how to shape the body as I wanted to add a butt for bunny. A simple rectangle body would be much easier to  make. For this bunny I made 2 curvy cutouts for the rear end & 1 rectangle for body front. 

I sew the legs to the body first and filled the empty stomach with cotton candy poly-fill. I attached the head to body and sew them together. Body part opening is bigger than the neck, so I cinched the fabric closed.

Then I sew the hands to body part & sew together the buttons to tighten it. I embroidered the face with a brown thread. Somehow, I found this easier than painting the face.

Say cheeseeeeeee.......... Something's missing?

Bunny was rushed to the ER for the second time for another plastic surgery. Whiskers was added. Eyelashes permanently sewn so bunny would safe some time from applying fake eyelashes. Even though hers are not as long as Big Bird's eyelashes, bunny is content with her new look. The end.

Posing time.

Bunny's mugshot :)

You can get the mugshot background for free at .

Happy Rabbit New Year to all!


  1. Ahhhh, So adorable! That is awesome that you made up your own pattern! I am not to that point yet. But, I have been thinking on it. Love how you did the ears.

  2. pretty miss bunny.. and she knows how to pose! :)

  3. Bunny pompuan... alahai cantiknya eyelashes.. boleh borrow tak? hehe...
    selamat tahun arnab juga.. orang kata tahun ni tahun yang produktif tau.. macam arnab.. :D

  4. سلما للسماء , Sue, Sena & Syaf,
    Thanks for the lovely comments gals :)

    boleh je pinjam eyelashes tu tp tak boleh lawan rozita cik wan punye :D

  5. mmg feminine habis la the bunny! ;) cute creation...creative la bea ni

  6. i just fall in love with this bunny. Tks for sharing

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