Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Briefcase Clutch

I was in the midst of sewing a patchwork bag when this idea of making a briefcase-like-clutch came to my mind. Instantly, I started sketching and figuring out the size for this clutch. Then off I went rummaging through a pile of garbage......well, actually a bag of old clothing. Finally, I found an old jumper with newspaper & comic design. Based on the sketch and material in hand, the look changes slightly as I used the existing jumper's straps for clutch's closure.

I only used the pants part and the straps to make this briefcase clutch. There are pockets on both sides of the clutch which was formerly the jumper's side slant pockets.

For the lining, I used navy gingham. In between the fabrics I added batting for some structure and hand quilted the lining's flap closure.

Free buttons from the old jumper. Yea!

Here's the handle. The most important feature that gives it a briefcase look.....minus the fabric design of course:D. Now the clutch looks playful & childish. Maybe next time I'll work on fabric with solid or geometric patterns. I hope I can finish sewing the other bag. Still can't decide on the shape yet.

Finished size: 9 1/2" (l) X 7 1/4" (h) X 2" (d)

Happy sewing & see you soon.


  1. Bea... cantik sangat...pattern + fabric - both really cun...!! sya suka fabric macam tuh..

  2. Look at you Bea! This is just adorable! Love the fabric, love the whole look! You really know how to sew AND design! I can not believe you came up this on your own. It's fabulous.

  3. My goodness, that is the cutest clutch I have ever seen, Bea!

    Bea sounds very Dutch, is that correct?

    Have a happy midweek, my Tuesday is coming to an end xx

  4. سلما للسماء
    Thanks for loving it:)

    Thanks....sy suka fabric mcm tu jugak. Tp kekadang tengok design beg mcm mana jugak kan...kekadang tak masuk. Ni kira projek belasah je..hehe

    Hi Sena! That's just a simple design & not that hard to sew... sometimes, something complicated would take me forever to finish but I just have fun with it anyway:)Enjoy your spring!

    Saskia, thanks for the compliment....haha Bea is just my nick name, but in Latin it means bringer of joy.
    So, have a joyful midweek :D

  5. wow... kelassss btol.. saya paling suka part pocket tu.. cute sgt sgt!!!

  6. Thanks Zila.....zila pun kelassss btol...:D

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