Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reversible Bucket Bag - Work In Progress II

Sorry to have kept some of you waiting to see the progress of my reversible bucket bag. The patchwork kind of slowing me down a bit as I was randomly cutting and patching around the printed images. At first I hand quilted the patches but it ended up looking like too much going on. So I just machine stitch along the patches.
For the denim side, I did not add fusible interfacing as I think the fabric itself is thick enough.

I don't have fusible fleece so I use batting instead.

I reuse the old denim pocket for this bag. This is the easiest one to whip :).

For the base, both sides were interfaced. To avoid mistakes, I baste the base before stitching. 

Here's the button loop. I thought the loop's too chunky but sew it anyway. After sewing together the main bag body, well..... it is the right size for the bag :P

No fabric flower for the button. I use a 38mm self-cover button. I removed the shank and sew the safety pin to the back of the button. The image is printed on a loose weave Indian cotton. It's not really visible up close but can be adored from far distance.

After basting together the lining and exterior bag together, here comes the tricky part.....stitching the binding. As usual, I pin and baste the binding in place and then carefully sew the pieces together. Phew! Well, not that hard actually. The center top edge binding is done!

What is left to do is sewing the bag handles.

I sew together both ends of the bag handles. I think it is much easier to sew the handles to the bag in one piece. I'm stitching the handles today so I'll be posting the finished bag soon.

I sew this mini fabric scrap basket while working on this project. Little pieces of scraps lying around really bugs me. 

Happy day everyone :)


  1. wow... patch version.. very creative! :)

  2. creative, can imagine the end result would be great, i also will use denim but still figure out how to match well with other fabric..sigh..

  3. very creative indeed and very rajin :)
    love the breakdown of the process and admiring your covered button.. so classic.. :)
    am at the edge of om chair waiting to see the complete look..
    do add your pics to our flickr group yea..

  4. cantiknyer bea!!!!! memang rajin buat patchwork! i adore the denim part the most! scrap basket tu sgt comel tau... :D

  5. Thanks anic, sewlove, sue & zila. I'm so into patchwork this year.


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