Thursday, April 14, 2011

MyBotang Sew Along - Applique Project

Beautiful eh? This applique project is by Kajsa from Syko. I thought it would look nice hanging somewhere near my sewing nook, so I'm joining Mybotang's 2nd sew along. Yipeeee! (an enthusiastic one of course:D)
Now I need to print the PDF pattern and read through the step by step instructions from Sew Mama Sew.

Project time-line (copy paste from Mybotang as a reminder for me :)

1. Print pattern, instruction and choose fabrics - 11 - 17 April (1 week)

2. Trace, iron on fabric and cut - (Instruction 1-2 on instruction page) - 18 - 24 April (1 week)

3. Arrange on background fabric and iron -  (Instruction 3-4 on instruction page) - 25 April - 1 May (1 week)

4. Appliqué the pieces -  (Instruction 6 -7 on instruction page) - 2 - 8 May (1 week) 

Hop on the bandwagon.....the more the merrier :)


  1. Oh cool Bea! This looks like a fun project. I actually made one of the once. You can see it on my flickr page
    I can't wait to see the one you make. One thing I am wondering about is do you have to make the vase blue and the table cloth red or can you vary the colors to your own liking?
    p.s. I am so happy that you put a picture of yourself on your blog! Now, I know what you look like. You're so cute! :)

  2. yeayyy!! happy to you on board Bea *do the happy dance*

    To answer Sena's question, you can change the colour and fabric pattern to your own liking..

    p.s - now I know how you look like (frantically searched for your pic after Sena pointed it out..) Good to be able to put a picture to the name :D

  3. yeay! jom buat patching2 work... ;)

  4. Wonderful piece of art I liked the colors :)

  5. Sena,
    I've seen it...the one that you've made is so beautiful! I'm gonna choose colours to my own liking for this project but still haven't decide on the colours yet :P

  6. Sue,
    hahaa...lets do the happy dance:D Can't wait to get started...I've only printed the pattern. I'll post on the progress soon:)

  7. Hi Mila,
    Happy sewing to you too:)Cepat betul dia dah start yg nak kena catch up nih..

  8. Zila,
    jom buat patching2 ramai2...seronok kan:D Tinggal tunggu vitamin R datang je....:)

  9. سلما للسماء ,
    Definitely a wonderful applique & I like the cheerful colours too:)

  10. waiting for your next progress report... :)


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