Monday, February 1, 2010

How To Make A Fabric Yo-yo

Wondering what to do with your ever increasing pile of fabric scraps?

Why not make some yo-yos. It's a fun and easy to make craft.

I do make a lot of these yo-yos. Whenever I want to whip up some quick craft, I just attach some yo-yos on my work to beautify it. Easy eh!

Just follow these steps:

Make a circle template (4" in diameter or any sizes that you like). Trace the template on fabric and cut out a circle. The finished yo-yo would be half the size of the circle.

Thread a needle and knot the end. Fold under 1/4" of fabric and take small evenly spaced running stitch near the folded edge around the circle. Larger stitches will allow the fabric to gather more and will yield a smaller hole.

End stitching next to the starting point. Gently pull the thread end to gather the folded edge until it forms a gathered circle.

Knot thread and trim off the end. Flatten the yo-yo and you're done!

The yo-yos can be used to embellish your pillows, clothes, and bags. You can even perk up plain boxes by gluing yo-yos on top of the surface and make it look fun & colourful. So make some today and happy crafting. :)


  1. hi bea! love your blog and stylish craftiness..keep it up! :)

  2. Mekasih zura, love your blog too..


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