Monday, September 20, 2010

Raya Mood :)

Cadbury layered cake, Sweet sour layered cake & kek hati pari

Salam Aidilfitri to all Muslim friends. I had a great raya holiday feasting on once a year special Eid delicacies. I'm a Sarawakian, so layer cakes & kek hati pari are the must haves for raya. I'm the 'pastry chef' for my family so every year I am always 'the chosen one' to bake & steam cakes. I managed to bake 3 cakes this year. Last Saturday I baked Nescafe layered cake because what's on the pic above are pretty much gone :).

Kek hati pari is actually a dark fruit cake filled with blackcurrant. Cooking chocolate, Horlicks & Browning sugar (black treacle) added to the cake mix resulting in the rich dark colour to the cake. A really big bowl and strong hands would be needed to fold the cake mix. One recipe would yield 2 (9" X 9") cakes.
The cake is steamed for 6 - 8 hours & every 3 hours you'll have to add water to the steamer. What makes this cake special is that it lasted for months but you still need to refrigerate it.

The last few years I baked more complicated layer cakes. Now I opt for simpler ones so I can spend more time sewing & crafting :P The two pics below are my once upon a time baking ( maybe two years ago).

Bamboo shoot layered cake

 Ketupat roll

Bamboo shoot layered cake is from Jamie Jong's recipe & the ketupat roll is from Rabiah Amit's 'Kek Lapis' book.

This delicious Ayam Percik was last Saturdays meal. The recipe is from Chef Wan's 'Sedapnya 2' cookbook. I don't have any candle nut in the pantry so cashew nut substitute  was great enough. I followed his recipe to the T. It's pretty much like cooking rendang, the chicken is cooked till the gravy  thickens & then baked in the oven for 10 minutes. It's so yummy & I would definitely make it again next time.

I hope I don't make any one of you readers droll in front of the monitor:P.
I'll try to force myself to start sewing something tonight so I can stop munching cookies. There are 2 bags to be sewn & 1 pair of shoes waiting to be painted.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir & Batin.


  1. sweet sour layered n hati parik are forever my favourite... my sister in law make it using prune.. in which i think lebih nyaman dari using blackcurrent

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mila:)
    Buah prune pun sbb dah terbiasa ikut resepi my emak. Ayam masak hitam pun guna blackcurrant. Kek hati parik mmg kek wajib masa raya.


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