Friday, September 24, 2010

Reversible Bag

This bag was made using a pattern from verypurpleperson . I was pleased with this pattern as it was really simple to make. I traced her pattern straight away from my pc screen, adjusting the size to the right scale because my printers not working.It's much faster than the cranky printer!
The plaid fabric is flannel & I like the feel of it cause it's soft. For the inside, I use lightweight cotton canvas.

While rummaging through a pile of tablecloths at Kamdar, I found this pattern canvas & grab it right away. It was more than 2 meters in length & I got it for RM 20. There's still some leftover to make 2 more bags.
I really really like this bag & gonna sew more of them. A really great bag for weekend activities.

Have a nice weekend everyone :)


  1. this is cute.. i love the plaid fabrics.. will give it a try soon.. err sometime in the near future..maybe..hopefully :D

  2. Thanks sue:). Actually I kept the pattern for months before I got in the mood to sew one. I'm thinking of enlarging the pattern to make it more roomy...Hope I don't get the lazy bug again:P

  3. A great big bag that can take up a lot of things, but you can also lose a lot of things inside there, especially when the handphone rings! LOL! *wink*

  4. Hi Za :)
    the bag is great if you like to play hide & seek with your handphone plus exercising our little fingers :D


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