Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Needle Field's Birthday

Yes, Needle Field is already one year old this month & I almost forgot about it. This blog was born on January the 15th 2010 for the purpose of showcasing my needlework and sharing ideas with fellow sewers and crafters alike.

I started sewing ever since I was a little girl. Being surrounded by grandmas and a mother who loves sewing, I instantly caught the sewing bug. During my primary school days I did a lot of cross stitch work, simply helping my mom finishing her cross stitch projects. When I was 9 or 10, my school teacher taught us kids how to make a patchwork pillow. I can't remember what that subject was but we did a lot of crafty stuff including clay work with 'real clay'. It was fun!

The dresden plate pillow that I sew was similar to the image on the left. This hexagon and dresden patchwork template is from my moms collection since the 80's. It is still in good condition & even the fabric scraps are from the 80's. :)

This pillow case was sewn by my late grandma. The edge is scalloped and embroidered. I particularly love the one that's embroidered with red thread. It's a keeper!

A simple cross stitched bunnies from moms collection. It is supposed to be a pillow case but mom prefers framing it. It stays clean forever :)

Some of her cross stitch books. Most of it are Ondori handicraft books from Japan.

The price is quite cheaper back then. 

Her crochet books. The Madonna crochet book on the right is from the late 60's. Quite interesting to look at, unfortunately I don't know how to crochet :(.

OK, enough blast from the past for now. Happy sewing & have a nice day.


  1. happy anniversary needle field..
    you are one talented crafter Bea..
    teruskan bercraft, menjahit,cross stitching, crocheting ek.. :)

  2. Thanks MamaDaniel:)..hehe...crochet tu harap2 tahun ni boleh tahu buat.. still mengigil & blur je :P

  3. hope im not too late for this.. happy birthday needlefield! your blog is very inspiring bea ;) keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks syaf:). I'm always inspired by other crafty minds. Sometimes small & simple thing can give you an inspiration to make something great. Nature is the best inspiration of all.


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