Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage Crochet

 Previously I've posted some sewing books from my moms collection. This particular book is quite interesting to look at just because I can't crochet :(. But if you're into it, I bet you would be whipping some projects from the book. It was published in 1969 by Japanese publisher. There's small tear on some pages but still readable. The images are in colour and black & white and instructions are written in English.

Here are a few pages from Madonna Crochet Book No 5.

I like the embroidery design on this page. If you happened to own a Madonna embroidery book, raise your hand do let me know = ).

When I got the urge to scan the whole book, I'll make a special post about it but it's gonna take some time.
Meanwhile, you can download free crochet pattern at All free crafts.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. wow.. x sabar nak tgk Bea bercrochet..
    maybe u can start with amigurumi (sbb u kan suka plush toys.. ) hehe..

  2. Hi Bea...
    I just happened upon your blog and love all of your sewn items and tutorials! I love to sew too. Look forward to seeing more!

  3. MamaDaniel, mcm ni haruslah carik buku crochet & knitting for dummies :P

    Hello Sena :), thanks for your lovely comment. More tutorials are coming soon. Since I got addicted with sewing, learning something new & sharing it with others seems like a must plus as a future reference for me if I forgot how to sew certain things :).

  4. Wow that is a great find, I love to crochet and I love old patterns, they seem to have an extra skill and delicacy that the modern patterns seem to be lacking.

  5. Hi Pink Flower :), I just love everything old, vintage & retro. One thing that stands out about old patterns is the colour bold & I just like the hues.

  6. Hi Bea! By any chance, do you still have this book? Are you willing to sell it? :-) I have a Madonna crochet book, and it's really a good source for patterns. I'm a crocheter from the Philippines.

  7. Hi Bea...I'm from Indonesia and fortunately I also have Madonna crochet book number 3 and it's really my Priceless treasure indeed....until now I have created some doilies and a table cloth (still WIP)...and btw I love your blog also

  8. I have that book before and I made some of the blouse but unfortunely all my books was wrecked by floods. I'm looking to purchase it but not anymore available in the bookstore.


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