Friday, January 28, 2011

Patchwork Sewing Basket

As the new year starts, I was doing some spring cleaning and found pairs of old jeans. Now I have a big bag full of jeans for repurposing projects :D. There is like a long list in my head wanting to do this & that with the material. But before I ended up with fabric cut outs & scraps all over the place, sewing a storage bin would be the first in my to do list. 
Lately I've been making more patchwork and quilt related sewing projects. It's a bit time consuming for me even when it's just patching together simple rectangles. When all is done, I can't help but jump for joy!
The sewing basket is 28 cm long with the same width and 25 cm tall. Jeans base makes the basket more sturdy and hard-wearing. For the patchwork, I cut rectangles measuring 8cm X 6cm each (includes 1cm seam allowance). The patches are then lined with thick batting and quilted. For the lining, I sew some pockets to organize tools and notions. Small handles was added for the ease of carrying and holding the basket. The jeans pocket was a last minute addition and I really like the look of it.

 One large pocket for magazines & templates. More pockets at the front for pencil & small items.

More pockets to organize big tools.

Top view. A contained mess :)

When flatten, it looks like a bag but the handles are not long enough for resting on the shoulder.

Happy sewing = )


  1. Very handy indeed.. I always admire re-purposing and recycle projects.. great sewing basket Bea, LOVE all the pockets and compartments.. *desperately need one myself* :(

  2. saya pun sedang membuat recycle jeans,sayang nak buang......

  3. bestnya.. saya blom pernah gunting sebarang seluar jean.. dan saya takut gak nak letak di mesin jahit saya takut kejadian jarum patah akan berulang lagi dan lagi.. hahaha...

    anyway, sewing basket ini sangat cantik (sungguh kekaguman saya ini...) patchwork pun mmg cantik (tak kira la camner pun susun letaknya, patch work tetap cantik) suka..suka..suka..

    like (tick)

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  5. Sue, yup very handy & I made extra cutouts to sew another basket. Somehow stash & stuff keeps growing...huhu dah jadi macam the magic porridge pot pulak.

    ct N honey, jom recycle sama2 :). Memang sayang nak buang sbb kainnye tahan lasak... boleh buat beg.

    Mama Daniel, hehe...memang tension if jarum patah tapi untuk projek yang ni memang takde kejadian tu....selamat :)

    Hi sonal gupta :)

  6. love it Bea! nice repurpose project..suka la patchwork and yes, it is very time consuming..huhu..
    i hope i can make one myself..

  7. Thanks Marie:). Memang time consuming, but somehow still addicted to make more patchwork.

  8. is the bottom made seperately please?

  9. Anonymous, yes...the bottom part was sewn seperately.


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