Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coffee Bag

Here's the result....
The coffee stain is not that visible on the fabric but it does create an aged look. I've soaked the bag with 1 cup of coffee for about 1 hour. This type of natural dye works better on light colour & natural fabrics.
So next time I will try on some light color cotton or linen.
You can use tea to dye fabrics too to create an old and antique look.

If you're not into dyeing fabric using something edible, why not brew some coffee & dunk your favourite biscotti in it :P
I've made some chocolate almond biscotti. The recipe is from one of my favourite baking guru David Lebovitz
You can get the recipe at Joy Of Baking

Happy Crafting :)


  1. How interesting dyeing fabric with coffee, i've never heard of it, perhaps will try one day. Doesn't it smell something addicting after that? Hehe..I'm a hardcore coffee addict, trouble. That biscotti looks simply scrumptious!

  2. I was thinking of the same thing as Zura.. does it have an after smell.. not that coffee smells bad or anything, you might just find ppl like me and Zura sniffing away on our own coffee bag all day long distracted from our work.. hehehe
    the biscotti does look very yummy..

  3. Zura & Sue,
    the bag somehow doesn't smell like coffee.Maybe because I washed the bag with detergent after rinsing it.I drink coffee at least once a day. I'm more addicted to tea actually :)& Lipton's my fave.
    Yup! the biscotti is so darn good.

  4. hahaha Sue, that is just so funny! I'm in stitches imagining us sniffing bags! hahaha


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