Friday, March 5, 2010

My Labels

I'm making & designing my own labels.After doing some sketching I ended up with this bird perching on a needle. :) Instead of scanning the sketch, I just snap a photo of it. Much faster that way.
Then I edited everything with photoshop, play around with the design & I ended up making many version of it.

Here are some of my designs:


This is the 1st design. I like the raw edges, it sort of creates a rustic feel. The circles was a last minute addition.
*No grid lines in the actual design.

My 2nd design with clean, smooth edges looks more put together. I chose this design for my label.
And then......I just can't stop making more of it. This logo is suitable for my recycled works.


Now I have this birdie logo in 4 colours, blue, black, red & green. This is my favourite so far.

Which logo do you like?


  1. so cute! i like the red/pink one!

  2. Thanks for your comments imanmom & Zura.
    I'm going for the red one....but gonna print the 2nd one also.


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