Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fabric Flower Tutorial : 5-Petal Flower

I made this fabric flower last weekend. Here's how to make one: 

What you need:
- fabric
- poly-fill
- needle & thread

1. Draw a petal and a small circle for your template. Cut out the template and trace it on your fabric.

2. Cut out 10 petals and 1 small circle. Put the petals aside. Make the center yo-yo ball first.

3. To make the yo-yo ball, sew a running stitch along the corner of the circle. Pull the thread slowly to gather the fabric into a bowl shape and fill it with poly-fill. Pull the thread tighter and sew shut to make a ball.

4. To make the petal, sandwich two petals with right sides facing and sew along the corners.Leave the bottom part open so you can turn the petal right side out. Sew the rest of the petals. 

5. Turn all the sewn petals right side out. Sew a loose running stitch along the open edges.

6. Attach the next petal and stitch it along the open edges. Repeat until the last 5th petal.Now you have a chain of petals.

7. Gather the petals by pulling the thread slowly to form the flower. Secure with back stitches.

8. The back of the flower look like this. Don' cut the thread yet because you're going to stitch the yo-yo ball to the center of the flower.

9. Sew the yo-yo ball to the center of the flower. Tie a knot to the back of the flower to secure it. You can glue a felt circle to the back to hide the stitches.

Now here's a flower to jazz up your bag, clutch, pillow, hat, or box.

Have fun sewing flowers :)


  1. wow, this is great, thanks for sharing..will definitely be making one soon..

  2. Thanks sue:).
    You can make lots of them,kalau rajin..hehe

  3. cutenyer... kena plak plaid pattern jadi bunga ek.. kretip btol awak Bea ni...:D


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