Monday, February 22, 2010

Felt Butterfly Pillow Tutorial

This is my weekend project, a super simple sewing project that can be done in just one day. The pillow design pretty much sums up what I like...simple, chic, modern and contemporary. 
I chose the butterfly silhouette in solid colours only as I don't want the design to look too busy. The simpler, the better it would be.  

To make one, just follow my tutorial.
- paper for making templates
- A4 size felt (various colours)
- 2 17" X 17" fabrics for pillow case (including 1/2" seam allowance)
- 16" zipper

1. Make a butterfly shape template measuring about 2 1/2"l X 2 1/4"h.

2. Trace the paper butterfly template onto the felt and cut out the pieces.You will need to cut out 12 butterflies.

3. Arrange the felt butterflies on the fabric, spacing them evenly in three rows.

4. Pin in place. Stitch down the center of the butterflies and repeat the next two rows.

5. The sewn butterflies would look like this. To make the pillow case, stitch the zipper in place at the bottom part of the two fabrics. With right sides facing, sew around the three sides. Trim the corners and turn right side out. Insert your 16" cushion into the pillow case.

Now you have a brand new butterfly pillow to adorn your living room :)

Learn how to sew zippered pillow cover from craftynest. Get the tutorial here .

Happy sewing :)


  1. this is great! gorgeous pillow and I love the colors. never thought to sew felt on pillows perhaps i should try soon. excellent tute to Bea, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Zura! It was fun making this pillow:)


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