Friday, February 19, 2010

Floral Hand Bag - Another Repurposed Item

This bag was made using worn out baju kurung &  pants. I followed a pattern from "lady boutique' magazine and I really like the finished look. Repurposing old clothing is great when you want to try out a new sewing pattern.

The finished size for this bag is about 14" X 11" X 5".


  1. Hi from Japan,
    i really love refashioning stuff.. and i totally agree, it's a good way to try new pattern.. your 'new' repurposed handbag looks pretty..

  2. pretty tote! in Malaysia we can refashion as much as we want to because those baju kurungs used yards and yards of fabric...really a waste if we just throw the old ones away and bad for the environment too. great job bea! :)


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