Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hand Painted Shoes

Mr. Ah Pek gave me RM 2.00 discount for this pair of Bata slip-ons.
The design was based on a patterned paper from Better Homes & Gardens DIY magazine.

Total cost for this project is RM 15.50

Canvas shoes = RM 13.00
Black fabric paint = RM 2.50

It's a really cheap DIY :) 


  1. wow, this is so unique. You really pay attention to the details. How many days do you spend to complete this?

  2. It was a weekend project. I made some sketches on paper & copied the design using tracing paper.For the rest of the evening I had to hold my breath to paint the lines nicely:)

  3. Hi... I'm viktor, I'm also currently staying in Malaysia and looking for a simple slip ons vans like white plain shoes for men n ladies supplier/manufacturer in kuala lumpur. Do u know any?

  4. Hello viktor, I bought my shoes at a local shoe shop in Petaling Jaya, kinda like Bata chain. The one that I own is similar to the canvas shoes here:

    Other sources:
    1. Ozly Shoe Sdn Bhd
    1 & 6, Jalan 213
    46050 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor Malaysia
    Tel 03-7721-6317 Fax 03-7721-6397


  5. Do you take any orders in paintin' shoes? If yes Id like one.:)


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