Friday, February 5, 2010

Sock Dolls Craze

I've been making sock dolls for quite some years now. It's the coolest way of repurposing old or too ugly to wear socks.But I have to confess that I use brand new socks to make my dolls. ; )  

It all started off when I wanted to make a sock monkey and found a tutorial by Web Goddess .
After searching and reading some tutorials, her tutorial is by far the best step-by-step sock monkey tutorial in the web.The one that she made is a bit different that the original vintage 'Red Heels' sock monkey. 

There's a tutorial for the original version monkey given by Super Sock Monkey.
If you want to make one, click here

After stitching some monkeys, making a few mistakes and having sore hands, I managed to make my very own version of sock dolls. I have a HUGE collection of these dolls now. All the dolls are 100% hand stitched and stuffed with poly-fill.I call them 'PATONG' and I might be selling some of my hand sewn sock dolls soon.


  1. Hi Bea, This is Kris from web-goddess. I'm glad you liked the tutorial! Your monkeys look great, but I LOVE your original PATONG dolls. Very cute!

  2. Hello Kris, thanks for dropping by. Love your monkeys too:)


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