Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Day Happy Bears


I made these little bears in 2006 and stashed them away in a ziplock bag so they won't get dirty & dusty.  After a few years suffocating in the bag, they're now sitting happily on my table breathing the fresh air.
This is one of my 'belasah saja' project. It is not that hard to make one when you have the right pattern that is easy to follow. I used good morning towel to make the bears because I can't find any mohair at the fabric shop. All the patterns are from Teddy Bears Club and .

Flower Fairy
This bear pattern was created by Megan Chamberlain from Essential Bears for Teddy Bears Club.

If you want to make one, here's the link in pdf format: Flower Fairy 

Todd Bear

This bear was designed by Megan's sister, Wendy Chamberlain

"Bonjour" The Bear

Bonjour was designed by French bear artist Laurence Veron.

To make one, follow this link: Bonjour The Bear 


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